Louisville Futsal

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Registration Instructions

1. Create online member account with United States Youth Futsal (USYF)

2. Register your team with USYF (BELOW)

3. Register your USYF team with the Louisville Futsal Winter ('18-'19) League (Step 2 below):

a. Log into your USYF member account to do this

b. League fees will be collected at this step

c. Note: for all teams that register their team with the LFutsal Winter League registration below (Step 2) you will be prompted to "Pay By Check" with a mailing address noted. Please understand that we will allow time to collect money if you want to mail into us multiple checks when paying the league team fee.

4. After your USYF team is approved for the league, you will receive an invitation to Team Connect (http://team.stacksports.com) so that you can roster your team

a. All players will need to create USYF member accounts and register themselves with USYF ($13.50 fee)

NOTE: Background checks are now required for ALL Managers, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches. USYF will manage the process. The cost per background check is $11

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  • Step 1. Manager registers the team

    (No team registration money will be collected at this step)

    • Step 2. Register your approved team to the league

      (Team registration fees will be collected by way of chekcs mailed into LFutsal)

      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.